The Majestic (2001)


Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey), a blacklisted Hollywood writer in 1951, suffers from amnesia due to a serious car crash and ends up in a small town where he is mistaken for Luke, Harry Trimble’s (Martin Landau) missing son, a WWII hero.

Ο Πίτερ Άπλετον (Τζιμ Κάρεϊ), σεναριογράφος στην μαύρη λίστα του Χόλιγουντ, καταλήγει το 1951 με αμνησία -λόγω τροχαίου- σε μία μικρή πόλη όπου τoν μπερδεύουν με τον Λουκ, γιο του Χάρι Τριμπλ (Μάρτιν Λαντάου) και ήρωα του Β’ Παγκοσμίου Πολέμου που αγνοείται χρόνια.

Warner Brothers Pictures

Laurie Holden, Jim Carrey © 2001 Castle Rock Entertainment.


The film –titled after the city’s iconic movie theater- is about the two sides of cinema; the movie-making and the movie-watching. Movie-making is real and can be brutal as seen with the committee’s ‘witchhunt’ of all creators suspected of communist leanings. On the other hand, movie watching is magic. All you need to do is step inside a theater, like the Majestic, and all your worries are gone.

Η ταινία –που τιτλοφορείται από το εμβληματικό σινεμά της μικρής πόλης-  μιλάει για τις δύο όψεις του σινεμά: της δημιουργίας και της παρακολούθησης ταινιών. Η δημιουργία είναι μία ρεαλιστική διαδικασία και μπορεί να είναι άχαρη όπως φαίνεται και με το κυνήγι κάθε δημιουργού ως ύποπτο για «κομμουνιστική προπαγάνδα». Από την άλλη, η παρακολούθηση ταινιών είναι μαγεία. Το μόνο που χρειάζεται είναι να μπεις σε μία αίθουσα, όπως το Ματζέστικ, και όλες οι έγνοιες σου θα φύγουν.

Favorite Quote

That’s why we call it The Majestic. Any man, woman, child could buy their ticket, walk right in. Here they’d be, here we’d be. “Yes sir, yes ma’am. Enjoy the show.” And in they’d come entering a palace, like in a dream, like in heaven. Maybe you had worries and problems out there, but once you came through those doors, they didn’t matter anymore. And you know why? Chaplin, that’s why. And Keaton and Lloyd. Garbo, Gable, and Lombard, and Jimmy Stewart and Jimmy Cagney. Fred and Ginger. They were gods. And they lived up there. That was Olympus. Would you remember if I told you how lucky we felt just to be here? To have the privilege of watching them. I mean, this television thing. Why would you want to stay at home and watch a little box? Because it’s convenient? Because you don’t have to get dressed up, because you could just sit there? I mean, how can you call that entertainment, alone in your living room? Where’s the other people? Where’s the audience? Where’s the magic? I’ll tell you, in a place like this, the magic is all around you. The trick is to see it.

– Harry Trimble

Starring: Jim Carrey, Martin Landau, Laurie Holden

Written by: Michael Sloane         

Directed by: Frank Darabont


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